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Bitcoin Cash BCH is peer-to-peer electronic cash that crosses borders as if they didn't exist. New Bitcoin Cash is emitted on a fixed schedule determined by a mathematical algorithm. Bitcoin Cash has no middlemen who manipulate the emission of new money to serve their ends at your expense. Bitcoin Cash is sound money that anyone, anywhere can use. No limits, no paperwork, and very low fees.

Bitcoin Cash BCH is not a ponzi scheme, nor a pyramid scheme. It is not a "business model" in itself. It is not a way to profit out of all proportion. It is simply the best money there is. Bitcoin Cash facilitates trade, commerce and disposing of your money as you please anytime anywhere.

Bitcoin Cash BCH is an opportunity for you to build new businesses, discover new economic opportunities, be in control of your financial destiny, help others and grow as a person.

To give Bitcoin Cash BCH enhanced usability, we look for merchants who are ready to accept it as a form of payment.

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Panmoni is an independent, international team of builders. We like Bitcoin Cash BCH and we are building new businesses and opportunities for people to use Bitcoin Cash to solve real problems in the real world today.

Panmoni is led by George Donnelly who has been working full-time on mass adoption for 3 years. This document is the product of that work, including 2 years of field work in the developing world with 90+ team members across 8 nations, 20 cities and 3 continents, with more than 1,340 merchants affiliated.

We made all the mistakes and learned all the lessons, so you can produce the most results the fastest with the least frustration and disappointment.

So pay attention and follow the instructions please.

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People who fit into the Panmoni team have the following characteristics:

  • a desire to grow as a person;
  • passionate about liberty;
  • want to associate with like-minded people;
  • demonstrate constancy in their work;
  • serious about producing quality work;
  • want to earn some extra Bitcoin Cash;
  • are supportive of others and facilitate a supportive environment for all builders;
  • engage in continuing education and development of their skills;
  • willing to take the initiative, make mistakes and take risks in order to learn faster;
  • demonstrate integrity, honor & honesty; and
  • are willing to communicate fully, transparently and frequently.

Making mistakes is good. We learn from mistakes. But failing in silence is the worst offense. Don't be silent. Talk to us any time you encounter a difficulty. The best place to ask for help is the merchant onboarding forum: forum.bitcoincash.site.

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To get started onboarding merchants to Bitcoin Cash, you will first need to learn the processes, procedures and rules we work by.

  1. Read. Read and absorb all of the information on this page.
  2. Attend. Attend at least one event (in-person or online) and get some basic orientation on Bitcoin Cash BCH as a consumer.
  3. Sign up. Sign up to be a merchant onboarder and select as one of your work interests “Merchant Onboarding”.
  4. Learn. Complete the merchant onboarding course with perfection.
  5. Act. Onboard your first 3 merchants with perfection.

How to Approach a Merchant

Approaching merchants is not hard. Merchants only profit through interaction with new customers, providers and opportunities, so the smart merchant will welcome your approach.

It is recommended you approach merchants at times when their business is slow. For example, do not approach a restaurant during the lunch or dinner rush time as that would not be considerate of the merchant’s time.

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The Speech

When you visit or contact a merchant, ensure you are speaking to the owner or administrator. Don't waste your time trying to convince people who can't make the decision to affiliate.

When you visit the merchant, what will you say in the first 30 seconds? Memorize this speech and use it every time!

Hi, to let you know Bitcoin Cash is launching in YOUR CITY. Every month, we are onboarding new people, teaching them about peer-to-peer electronic cash that crosses borders as if they didn’t exist and directing them to merchants that accept Bitcoin Cash.

These people buy and earn Bitcoin Cash and they are looking for businesses like yours where they can spend it preferentially.

Bitcoin Cash is a new, decentralized currency, not unlike the dollar or YOUR LOCAL FIAT CURRENCY. But it’s independent of governments and works completely online.

Millions of merchants around the world already accept Bitcoin Cash and are getting new customers because of it.

Would you like some new customers?

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Once you have given the merchant the speech, let them answer! Be quiet. Get a sense of their reaction. You should not be doing more than about 40% of the talking, at the most. Your job is to gain information about the merchant, his priorities, interests and reactions. You can’t do that if you don’t let him talk!

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The Wallet

A good salesperson is always closing, so once you have delivered the speech, if the merchant is not emphatically saying no, then prompt them to install the wallet. For now, we recommend the Bitcoin.com wallet.

Have your phone out with your wallet open. Show it to them repeatedly. Urge them to get their phone out and to find the app in the Play/App Store. Tell them it just takes a second, is free and is a great chance to learn something new.

Your job now is to get them to install a Bitcoin Cash wallet. Either they install the wallet or you leave. There is no middle ground.

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You are bringing the merchant a new opportunity. The opportunity is for them to learn, to join the Bitcoin Cash network, to get new customers and more. The opportunity for the merchant to associate with us is extremely valuable!

So, if the merchant treats you rudely, ignores you or otherwise does not engage with you in a respectful manner, then get out of there and try the next merchant.

You have a valuable opportunity in your hands. Never forget that! You don’t beg, you don’t plead and you don’t endure abuse. If the merchant is not interested, just move along.

The merchant’s reactions are not personal. They are not directed at you. They don’t know you. The merchant’s reactions are simply a statement of who the merchant is and his or her current state of mind. So, let any unpleasant reactions go without a response from you. Under no circumstances may you be abusive to anyone while representing Bitcoin Cash.

Just move on! There is a huge world of opportunity out there for all of us!

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Liquidity Options for Merchants

Many merchants will want to know right away how they can trade Bitcoin Cash BCH for their local fiat. This is completely normal and ok. Once merchants can see that they can make the trade once, many relax about this topic. Some even begin to hold BCH as a habit.

The primary liquidity option for merchants is local.bitcoin.com*. Please register an account there for yourself, and have merchants register their own, individual accounts there, as well.

One of your first steps as an onboarder is to discover all of the liquidity options merchants can use in your area, to onboard those liquidity providers to Bitcoin Cash and to register them in the merchant database.

Become aware of what rate liquidity providers are offering to buy BCH from the merchants and help the merchants access this information so they are not surprised at the moment of selling their BCH.

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The Value Proposition for Merchants

How does accepting Bitcoin Cash add value for merchants? Here are a few of the many ways.

  • New customers, customers who specifically demand that merchants accept Bitcoin Cash.
  • Events where we bring in new customers. We do not promise to hold an event at every merchant, but we do plan to hold an event in every zone with at least 10 merchants, and to encourage attendees to visit all the merchants in that zone.
  • Education on Bitcoin Cash, economics, liberty and more, both virtual and in-person.
  • Marketing help through promotion of the merchant on social media and our websites.
  • We will help merchants get set up on Google My Business or improve their existing Google My Business profile.
  • Connection and association with high-quality individuals, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, travelers and others.
  • Technical support for Bitcoin Cash.
  • Access to digital marketing services, such as website creation, social media marketing and other services at preferential pricing.
  • The ability to accept Bitcoin Cash BCH at or below market price and thus procure BCH inexpensively and without having to use centralized exchanges.
  • If the merchant is willing to become a liquidity provider on local.bitcoin.com*, they can open a new line of business selling Bitcoin Cash BCH to end users at above-market prices.

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Handling Common Objections

Coming soon.

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How to Handle Multi-Location Merchants

First onboard the corporate HQ as a merchant, then associate the branches/franchise locations with the HQ using the Franchise/Branch field in the merchant onboarding form.

More details coming soon.

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How to Close a Merchant With Perfection

  1. YES. The merchant says they will accept Bitcoin Cash as a form of payment.
  2. ORIENTATION. You must give the merchant a brief orientation that includes these basic elements.

    1. The merchant has a BCH wallet installed (the Bitcoin.com wallet is recommended for now).
    2. The merchant knows how to send and receive payments.
    3. You have given the merchant a basic orientation around Bitcoin Cash.
    4. The merchant has securely written down or otherwise stored their wallet recovery phrase. (Screenshots are NOT secure nor are they enough!) We recommend opening an account on LastPass.com.
  3. EMAIL. The merchant has subscribed to the Panmoni mailing list and shown you the “Subscription Confirmed” screen.
  4. TIP. The merchant has received a small BCH tip sent from your wallet. This is necessary for the merchant to learn and for you to get one of his BCH addresses so he can have a printed QR code for display in his shop.
  5. STICKER. You have installed with the permission of the owner a BCH acceptance sticker near the cash register inside the shop on a flat vertical surface. The sticker must be stuck, not hung. It must have a hard, flat surface behind it. It must not be exposed to excessive elements or dirtiness. Where a large sticker does not fit, use the smaller sticker. A small sticker always goes near the entrance to the premises along with the stickers of other payment methods.
  6. INFORMATION. The merchant has given you the complete information you need to fill out the merchant onboarding form.

    1. This includes the merchant first onboarding as a person: https://airtable.com/shrZ01lohSJKW7Wyt.

Google My Business

All Google My Business listings are created with the merchant's email address, not ours nor that of the salesperson. We want merchants to own their own listings.

Sticker Placement

Here are some examples of good sticker placement.

example sticker photo

example sticker photo

example sticker photo


Please note that merchant photos for submission via the merchant onboarding form are always horizontal, never vertical. Be sure to show faces and logos as much as possible.

Please be sure to make the new user's wallet QR code as visible and clear as possible in the photos you take so that when we share them on social media that other BCH users across the world can scan the code and tip our new users.

Here are some sample photos.

Merchant Storefront Photo

merchant storefront photo

Merchant Logos Photo

merchant logos photo

Merchant Sticker Photo

merchant sticker photo

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Merchant Types

We want everyone to use Bitcoin Cash. However, we definitely only pay for e-commerce and retail (brick-and-mortar) merchants.

Merchants that don’t have a fixed place of business or that work out of their home should still be onboarded but keep in mind that we don’t pay for them.

Merchants that are kiosks or do not have brand signage are a low priority.

Merchants without a smartphone or tablet or laptop/desktop computer and some extra hard drive space will not be able to install a wallet and thus are not our first targets.

A merchant must also have an email address so we can stay in touch and send them educational materials.

We never affiliate multi-level marketers or Ponzi scheme operators.

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We work a concentration strategy here at Panmoni. That means that we select 1 zone (yes, only one per person or small group at a time!) of about 6 city blocks square, no more than 1 km square, and we affiliate at least 20 merchants in that area before considering opening another zone.

Bitcoin Cash mass adoption requires a critical mass of utility options, consumers and buzz in a given geographic area. If you affiliate one merchant in the North of your city and 1 in the South, you're not achieving critical mass. Your efforts will fail.

So use the concentration strategy! Here is an example. Study it closely!

La Candelaria (Caracas, Venezuela)


La Candelaria is part of the municipality of Libertador in Caracas, Venezuela and has a good cross-section of merchants, including:

  • car repair
  • fruit stores
  • medical laboratories
  • bakery
  • clothes shops
  • franchises (Farmatodo, Tu Paletería, Farmarato)
  • pet shop
  • photocopy centers
  • restaurants
  • markets
  • hardware
  • hotels

It is one of the safest areas of Caracas, with lots of car and pedestrian traffic.

Kudos Talia Guerrero for identifying this zone.

Currently Active Zones

  • Caracas, Venezuela: Altamira
  • Medellín, Colombia: Laureles
  • San Cristóbal, Venezuela: Obrero

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We are particularly interested in establishing zones in these cities:


  • Mumbai
  • Jakarta
  • Dhaka
  • Manila
  • Delhi
  • Karachi
  • Saigon
  • Kuala Lumpur

Latin America

  • São Paulo
  • Mexico City
  • Lima
  • Bogotá
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Santiago de Chile
  • Buenos Aires


  • Lagos
  • Kinshasa
  • Cairo
  • Johannesburg
  • Dar es Salaam
  • Abidjan
  • Nairobi
  • Casablanca
  • Accra

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Payment for merchant adoption is limited at this time. To be eligible for payment, the following conditions are a bare minimum necessity.

  • You have completed with perfection the merchant onboarding course.
  • You are affiliating merchants with perfection in a zone approved for payment that is among the list of prioritized cities above.
  • George Donnelly has explicitly told you that you are eligible to be paid.

When your work is eligible for payment from Panmoni, keep in mind that we only pay for merchants that are onboarded with perfection and we only pay after the merchant has been successfully verified to our satisfaction. This process can take 6-8 weeks to complete so be patient and do not attempt to pressure us as it will only cause our working relationship to end.

We only pay in Bitcoin Cash BCH.

We do not reimburse expenses except with explicit, prior and direct, written approval of George Donnelly.

Payment Amounts

For those who qualify for payment, we are currently paying as follows:

  • $10 USD for each of the first 3 merchants affiliated.
  • $15 for each subsequent merchant.

We expect that people who are being paid by us will be available for meetings and will actively participate in team tasks, such as support of each other and of the organization in public.

Payment for Media Creation

We also offer in certain, limited circumstances payment at our sole discretion for videos you upload. To be considered for payment for a video/vlog, follow these instructions.

  1. upload the video to the appropriate Dropbox file request and take note of the file name. Make sure the file name is unique.
  2. fill out this form: https://airtable.com/shrCPL8m47zhJKRhu to request payment.

We will review your request and if we use it, we will offer to pay you for the video, an amount at our discretion.

Payment Process

To request a payment for expenses, advances, fixed salaries, etc., please use this form. There will be no payments outside of this form.


For merchant onboarders, you will receive an automated email for each of your merchants that we are able to verify. Once you receive that email, you can charge us for that merchant according to the payment schedule above. Be sure to request payment via the process and form detailed above.

You must submit an invoice as part of your request that clearly shows which merchants you are charging for and how much. The invoice must include your BCH address. Be sure to follow this process properly the first time to avoid delays.

We process onboarder payments within only 1 window per month so be sure to submit your request by the 15th of each month, otherwise it will have to wait until the following month to be processed.

Payment Terms

  • fixed salaries: 3 business days
  • expense reimbursement: 3 business days
  • freelancers: 20 business days
  • merchant onboarders: 3 business days upon receipt of an invoice for verified merchants by the 15th of the month

Other Means of Payment

Even if you are not being paid by Panmoni to affiliate merchants, you still have other options to earn money from this work, including but not limited to the following.

  • Publicize your high quality work and get tips from the BCH community.
  • Buy and sell BCH on local.bitcoin.com* and other peer-to-peer exchanges that is generated from your merchant onboarding and other sales & marketing activities.
  • Organize your evidenced, high quality work into a coherent project and raise funding via any number of methods.

Keep in mind that reputation and quality of results are the foundation for any funding you might be able to get. Demonstrate a good attitude, be patient, keep building and strive always for the highest quality of results.

Mentoring is available to the highest quality candidates in this area.

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Reference Information

  • Use the approved message. Panmoni has a message and a way to sell the Bitcoin Cash idea that is effective and succinct. The new onboarder has to learn the correct words to use and use them. This way we make sure not to confuse the merchants and we have unity of message. This also helps you to not waste your time by repeating mistakes.
  • Bitcoin Cash is peer-to-peer electronic cash. We do not say “BCH coin” or “Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency”. Always “Bitcoin Cash”.
  • Only official materials. Don’t come up with homemade marketing materials. Use the official Panmoni ones. If you want to help expand our selection of marketing tools, reach out and we might hire you to help us with that.
  • Bitcoin Cash only. When you are representing Bitcoin Cash, don’t talk about other cryptocurrencies or crypto projects. Absolutely do not mention investments, much less scams, pyramids, multi-level marketing schemes, etc. If necessary, one can talk about resources like CoinMarketCap or Bitcoin as benchmarks to better understand Bitcoin Cash, but only if the target already knows something about cryptocurrencies.
  • Don’t make promises about the price. We are not selling Bitcoin Cash BCH primarily as an investment. We do not play up the possibility that the market price of BCH in fiat will increase. If we mention that, we always leave it for last. We are selling Bitcoin Cash as a tool of commerce and for its utility. We are NOT selling a HODL culture. We are NOT encouraging speculation. We are encouraging USE and highlighting UTILITY.
  • Professional presentation. You must always be extremely presentable and professional, clean-shaven, well dressed semi-casual or business casual. Damaged or dirty clothes, etc. are not appropriate.
  • Do not onboard in groups. You should visit merchants alone, or at most with one other person whom you are training. Visiting merchants in large groups to pitch them on accepting BCH puts undue pressure on the merchant and is intimidating. We have no need of such tactics.
  • Zero arguments. One never, but NEVER, argues with anyone while representing Bitcoin Cash in the field. If conflicts, disagreements or misunderstandings arise from unproductive attitudes, simply stop wasting your time and move on to the next prospect.
  • Protection of materials. Bitcoin Cash marketing materials must be well-stored and protected from the elements so that they reach the end customer in perfect condition. Zero exceptions. Buy and use an accordion-style mini-file.
  • Without direct help. The merchant himself, and never us, has to personally do all the steps involved with installing and using the Bitcoin Cash wallet, so we ensure that he is learning and on his way to being able to manage the wallet even when we are not present. We NEVER receive the device from a prospective merchant to do all — or any — of the steps for him or her. After all, what are they learning if you do everything for them?
  • Respect the merchant. The merchant’s place of business is a sacred space. Our goal is to support them, first and foremost. We are always very patient and put on a happy face. We step out of the way of customers and employees. If we move something, we put it back. When we install stickers, they are put very carefully so that they are straight, and not crooked. We do not dispose of our trash at the merchant (except immediately after an event). Treat the merchant’s place of business better than you treat your own home!
  • Everything is borrowed. All material and tools that we give you are loaned, including apparel, ID cards, flyers, stickers, etc. We can request them back at any time. You agree to return them immediately upon such a request.
  • Media Ownership. You accept and represent that all media (photos, videos, audio, slide decks, images, etc.) that you produce for pay or as part of your duties while being paid by Panmoni are the exclusive property of George Donnelly.
  • Exclusivity. The work that you undertake for Panmoni - BitcoinCash.site is exclusive to us. You may not submit it for third-party prizes, contests, rewards, etc. And you may not submit work done for third parties to Panmoni - BitcoinCash.site. Failure to observe this rule will permanently disqualify you from working with us.
  • Onboarder and referrer are never the same person on the onboarding form.

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It's possible we can design custom resources for your area.

Merchant Flyer (two-sided)

merchant flyer 1

merchant flyer 2

Recovery Phrase Card (two-sided)

recovery card 1

recovery card 2

Merchant Sticker with QR Code

Only suitable for use near the cash register on a flat, solid surface where it looks good.

merchant sticker large

Small Merchant Sticker

Suitable for use more towards the entrance to the premises or where the space near the cash register is reduced.

merchant sticker small

Printed Materials

We may be willing to print up marketing materials for your city if there are at least 6 other onboarders in your city who have completed the merchant onboarding course with perfection and if your city is within the top 50 most populous ones in Latin America, Africa or South Asia. Email george@panmoni.com to make your request.

We may also be willing to print up polo shirts and other resources. You will need to source a local supplier. In Colombia, we use color reference "Jade 5572" and in Venezuela "ESMERALDA 54627". We are looking for the color closest to these and to HTML color code #0ac18e. Make sure your provider is not giving us a different green!

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Verification Guide

Verification is the task of verifying that an onboarded merchant does indeed accept Bitcoin Cash BCH and has all the tools and knowledge to start doing so right now.

Verification is performed only by people with AirTable access.

Verification must be done in-person, on the phone or, in the worst case, via mail.

Onboarders may not verify their own merchants unless they also have AirTable access.

Verification includes verifying all steps in the merchant onboarding process, including that the merchant's email address was properly subscribed to our mailing list.

Verification Process
  1. The merchant is onboarded.
  2. Once verified, the merchant gets the Verified status.
  3. If the merchant becomes inactive, they get the Inactive status.
  4. If we become aware that a merchant needs their information updated, the merchant gets the Pending Update status.

Merchants that need to be verified can be seen using the Pending Verification view in AirTable.

Once you verify a merchant, update the record in AirTable with your Contractor ID, select the verification method, provide some verification evidence and put some notes as to the verification details.

As the final step in the verification process in AirTable, please change the status of the merchant to "Verified". Only do this once the merchant is fully verified as this will generate an email to the onboarder to charge us for the onboarding work.

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Get Help

The best place to ask for help is the merchant onboarding forum: https://forum.bitcoincash.site/c/merchant-adoption-en/5.

There is also:

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You can give us feedback through any channel or if you prefer through this form.


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Author: George Donnelly

Last Update: 4 May 2021

Translations: Spanish

License: CC-BY 4.0 International

Creative Commons License

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